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Greenville Public Library Circulation Policy

In order to provide for the efficient and equitable circulation of materials, the library sets the following policies regarding borrowing eligibility; length of loan for various materials; limits on the number of items that can be borrowed; renewals; reserves; interlibrary loans; and damage and replacement assessments.

Library Cards

Public libraries in Ohio are funded by state income tax revenue. Therefore, any Ohio resident is eligible to have a borrower's card with proof of name and current address. There is no charge to have a borrower's card. A borrower's card is presented each time a user wishes to borrow library materials or use public equipment, such as computers.

How to Get a Library Card

To get a library card you must provide a valid driver's license, or photo ID, and a legal item to verify your current address. Materials accepted for address verification include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Current valid driver's license

  • Current valid identification card

  • Current valid passport

  • Current valid bank book

  • OR recent mail received through the US Mail at the applicant's address


If the individual applying for a card is a minor, the presence of a parent, guardian or custodial caregiver, with a library card is required to verify their name and current address. By obtaining a library card for their child, the parent, guardian or custodial caregiver agrees to assume financial responsibility for all materials charged on the minor's card.

Library Card Policy

Library cards are valid two years from the date of the activation or renewal. Renewal of a library card requires the following:

  • All overdue materials returned.

  • All fees must be paid in full.

  • Address, phone number and email must be verified or updated.


The card holder (or guardian of the minor) assumes full responsibility for all use made of the card. By receiving a library card, the borrower agrees to comply with all library rules and regulations, including but not limited to: paying all fines and fees; responsibility for any loss or damage of materials; providing immediate notice of any change of contact information; and providing immediate notice if the card is lost or stolen.

Library cards may only be used by the card holder.

Card holders are expected to bring their library card with them any time they wish to borrow materials or use public equipment. If a card holder has forgotten to bring their card, they may show a valid picture ID (school ID, driver's license or photo identification card).

The library reserves the right to deny card holder privileges to persons who do not present a library card when they wish to borrow materials or use public equipment.

The library reserves the right to refuse issuance of more than three replacement library cards to a borrower per validation period.

Lending Periods

The library makes the following types of materials available for lending for the stated length of loan period:

Material Type -- Standard -- Extended

Books -- 3 Weeks -- 6 Weeks

Audiobooks -- 3 Weeks -- 6 Weeks

Items with hold queues -- 1 Week (no renewals)

Periodicals -- 1 Week -- 2 Weeks

DVD, Blu-Ray, and Video Games -- 1 Week -- 2 Weeks

DVD/Blu-Ray Player -- 1 Week (no renewals)

Telescope -- 1 Week (no renewals)


Most reference, local history, and special collection materials do not circulate.

Extended loans may be available for senior citizens and card holders with extenuating circumstances such as travel or illness. Exceptions to be made at the library's discretion.

Item Limits

Certain categories of materials have limits as to how many items of that type may be on loan to a borrower at any given time. The following types of materials have the stated number of items borrowing limit:

Material Type -- Item Limit

Books -- 50

Audiobooks -- 10

Periodicals -- 10

DVD/Blu-Ray -- 6

Video Games -- 1

Equipment -- 1

*Children may only check out Juvenile DVDs


Borrowers are permitted to have a maximum of sixty items if an adult or thirty items if a juvenile charged on their card at any one time.



All library materials may be renewed one time, unless on reserve for another card holder. Materials presented for renewal which have reserves on them must be returned immediately. Renewal requests can be made by telephone, in person, or through the online service provided through our online catalog.


Only books (with the exception of genealogy and reference books) and audiobooks may be placed on reserve. The card holder will be notified as soon as the reserved material is available. Once notified, the borrower has one week to pick up the reserved item. Material with a ratio of two or more holds per item will have a limited loan period of one week to allow timely access to popular titles.


Library materials can be returned at the circulation desk. For after-hours returns, materials can be placed in our dropbox. DVD/Blu-Ray players and the telescope must be returned during business hours only and cannot be placed in the dropbox.

Fines & Charges

We are a fine-free library! Patrons will not be charged for late materials, however, they will still be charged for lost or damaged materials. A patron with charges for lost or damaged materials on their account will not be allowed to borrow additional items until lost items are returned or damage charges have been paid.

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