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Greenville Public Library Internet Use Policy

  1. The adult computer lab is open to patrons 16 and up but may not be used for gaming. The children's lab is for kids ages 10 and under.

  2. Patrons are granted up to two hours of computer usage. If you need more time, please make a request at the Reference Desk.

  3. Librarians may provide limited assistance with computer use, but they will not enter a patron’s personal information on their behalf.

  4. Patrons are reminded to keep the computer lab quiet. If you must make or receive a cell phone call, please do so in another room.

  5. It is the right and responsibility of parents, not the library, to monitor minor children's choices.

  6. Users are responsible for their own choices, including the sending of any information such as name, address, or credit card numbers via the Internet. The library is not responsible for any liability that may arise as a result of the disclosure of financial or other personal information while accessing the Internet via a library connection.

  7. Users may not install, delete, or modify library hardware or software, or install any software on the hard drive. You may create files and save them on your own flash drive or storage device.

  8. Information downloaded from the Internet may contain viruses. The library is not responsible for damage to a patron's flash drive or storage device, or for any loss of data, damage, or liability that may occur from use of the library's computers.

  9. Use of the Internet for activities that violate local, state, or federal laws is prohibited. This includes activities such as viewing child pornography, committing fraud, hacking, spreading libel or slander, and violation of copyright laws or software licensing agreements. It is also prohibited to view graphics that may reasonably be construed as obscene.

  10. Users who violate the library's Internet use policy will be asked to terminate their session and may lose their computer privileges.

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